The Iron Courts facility is over 25,000 square feet of Sports Medicine and Recovery, Performance Training, and Basketball/Pickleball court space for current and future athletes to Train, Recover, and Perform. We have three basketball courts, five pickleball courts, a comprehensive sports medicine practice for medical therapy and recovery, a world class training area, and a hydration area.

Sports Medicine

We provide our athletes focusing on basketball with multiple training and performance options. We have basketball academies for beginners to advanced high schoolers. We have group clinic sessions to focus on specific skills like dribbling, shooting, and playing specific positions. We also have individual training to customize an athlete’s session to their strengths and weaknesses. Last, we have Basketball leagues for all athletes. There is a recreational division for athletes looking to learn the game and a competitive division for teams that are wanting to showcase their talent.


Come train, practice, and compete in our state of the art hardwood facility. With 15k+ square feet of court space, the Iron Courts facility is ready to help you take your game to the next level.

2 Full Size Basketball Courts

1 Youth Size Basketball Court

1 Training Court

8 Basketball Hoops

5 Pickleball Courts

Shootaway Gun 12K


Basketball court rentals are available to Iron Courts members on a first come, first served basis. Schedule court time for 30 mins or an hour for individual workouts or team practices. Optional shooting gun available for rent for an additional setup fee.

Performance Training

Our 1,500 sq ft performance training area provides state-of-the-art equipment for athletic training and testing. Fine tune your athletic posture and techniques during one of our focused classes.

Locker Rooms

Men’s and women’s locker rooms are available for Iron Courts members to change and prepare for their training activities. Individual lockers are available for rent. To reserve, see front desk staff for more detailed information.


Need a quick refreshment or snack to get you back in the game? We have a large selection of recovery drinks and snacks to help you recover from the most strenuous training sessions. Choose from the many healthy drink and snack options at the Iron Courts concessions area before training and competition to give you the strength and energy you need to make it through your workout or game.

Private Lounge

We have a private viewing lounge where we stream all the games and practices. As a parent, you can also sit back and relax while your athlete gets the best training or competes in the league or tournament.

Live streaming

We have three state of the art cameras to stream each court. Get a membership to view a live stream or recorded session of any practice, training session, or league/tournament game.

Iron Courts staff
Meet the team

Albert Amini


Richard Amini

Chief Medical Officer

Mike Clendenin

Chief Operations Officer

Todd Simon

Chief Sports Officer

Richard Amini

Chief Medical Officer

Michael Wirth

Director of Basketball Operations

Todd Simon

Chief Sports Officer

Richard Amini

Director of Performance Training

Michael Wirth

Director of Sports Recovery