The First Principle of Iron Courts is effective Training. Check out our full menu of training options to learn more about how we strengthen athletes.

Iron Courts has developed a comprehensive sports performance training program that includes training sessions and testing for athletes of all ages. This program enhances performance, builds confidence, and improves self-esteem in boys and girls ages 7 and older. And as Iron Sharpens Iron, our trainers help athletes build strength, increase speed, improve performance, and build character. Our instructors lead group classes in Performance, Speed & Agility, and Vertical Jump / Plyometrics. Try a class for free today!

Iron Courts Athlete Skill Levels: 
Rookie: Builds Foundation for Coordination and Athleticism. Usually 7 – 9 years old or new to foundational movement training.
Junior: Emphasize Power, Vertical Jump, and Speed. Usually 10 – 12 years old and/or have some experience with foundational movement training.
Elite: Maximize Power, Strength, Speed, and Endurance to prepare for College Athletics. Usually 13 years and older and/or experienced in necessary foundational movements.
Adult: 18+ Only. Fitness Training focused on overall health, endurance, and personalized goals.

 Iron Courts is an approved vendor for the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) and is on Class Wallet.   

For a limited time, purchase a Performance Training Membership for $79/month*. This includes eight (8) performance classes every month. It does not include our general membership or open gym. Get any eight (8) performance training classes per month to get you feeling better, healthier, stronger, and faster than ever before. Great for Adults and our Adult Performance Training Classes too! (*3 mo min)

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Iron Courts was created to encourage and develop athletes to compete at the highest level of their sport by providing first-class training led by former D1 athletes, the latest in sports medicine, and high-class facilities at which to Train, Recover, and Perform. Visit Iron Courts to find out more about our Athletic Performance Testing, as well as the full range of services we offer!

Our Training Program Focuses on the Five Pillars of Athletic Training

Core / Foundation

Balance, Gait, and Posture are foundational components of a strong and well developed athlete. Our training focuses on these areas to make sure there are no deficits and no areas that are more prone to injury.

Plyometric / Vertical

We increase reactive and elastic strength by performing “fast” and “slow” plyometric activities. This can help lead to improvements in vertical jumping and speed.

Strength / Power

We do exercises to increase an athlete’s explosiveness and their maximal force producing capabilities.

Speed and Agility

We utilize multiple techniques to increase top spring speed and velocity along with their ability to move and change direction.


We improve an athlete’s aerobic fitness through fun workouts.
Effective training allows athletes to Perform better on Game Day. The more you train and the better you get at the Five Pillars, the more improvement you will see in your specific sport.

Athletic Performance Testing

Iron Courts has developed a comprehensive performance testing program for athletes of all ages. We bring professional testing to the amateur athlete.

Performance Training

Our Sports Performance Training Program utilizes the Five Pillars of Athletic Training. We focus on building dynamic stability and a strong core to improve overall power and strength.

Basketball Skills Training

Iron Courts Basketball Skills Training provides the best in basketball skill development and character education for athletes.

Basketball Clinics

Our Basketball clinics provide smaller group, instructor-led sessions with up to 10 athletes max. These are meant to supplement the Basketball Skills classes.

Individual Shooting Session


Maximize your training time with The Gun 12K by Shoot-A-Way. With over 200 programmable locations, you can touch ANY spot on the floor to shoot from.

Custom Training

Want a more personal and focused level of training? Work directly with an Iron Courts trainer to maximize your time in the gym. Our Iron Courts trainers will evaluate a player’s ability and provide a series of workouts tailored to the skillset and areas of recommended growth for the athlete.

Basketball in Gilbert

Court Rentals

Basketball court rentals are available to Iron Courts members on a first come, first served basis. Schedule court time for 30 mins or an hour for individual workouts or team practices. Optional shooting gun available for rent for an additional setup fee.

Purchase Memberships

Purchase Performance Training Membership for $79/mo or Basketball Skills Membership for $99/mo. (*3 mo min)