Iron Courts was created to encourage and develop athletes to compete at the highest level of their sport by providing first-class training, the latest in sports medicine, and high-class facilities at which to Train, Recover, and Perform. Visit Iron Courts to find out more about our Basketball Leagues in Gilbert, as well as the full range of services we offer!

Youth Basketball League Registration Open Now!

Basketball training in Gilbert


Fall League

Oct 21 - Dec 9, 2023

Ages Pre-K to 8th Grade

Chandler basketball youth league


Fall League

Oct 21 - Dec 16, 2023

Ages 1st to 8th Grade

Upcoming Leagues!

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  • Girls Only League (5th to 12th Grade)
  • Boys League (High School)
  • Adult Men's League (18+, 35+)

Gilbert Youth Basketball League

Iron Courts Basketball League in Gilbert has all games and practices at one location. All games live streamed and recorded. All games full court. Certified referees from Top Choice Officials. Register now for our 8-week seasons. There will be a minimum 7 games with an end of season single elimination tournament. We have recreational and club divisions for each grade level.

Iron Courts training in Gilbert, Arizona
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

The process of helping an athlete improve requires a positive relationship. We understand the importance of positivity in coaching and in being mentors and role models long term. All our coaches and trainers are trained in maintaining positive interactions with their athletes to achieve the best results. Keeping Proverbs 27:17 in mind, Iron Courts creates a positive atmosphere where our athletes can shine and showcase their talents.

Iron Courts 3 Principles

Athletes need to spend the majority of their time learning to TRAIN effectively.
Athletes need to RECOVER from training and competition.
Athletes need a stage to PERFORM and compete.

We have the best coaches and trainers, the latest techniques in medicine, and state of the art facilities to achieve all three principles.


We provide our athletes focusing on basketball with multiple training and performance options. We have basketball skills training classes for beginners to advanced high schoolers. We have basketball clinic sessions to focus on specific skills like dribbling, shooting, and playing specific positions. We also have individual training to customize an athlete’s session to their strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, our Basketball leagues in Gilbert offer opportunities for all athletes. There is a recreational division for individual athletes looking to improve their game and a club division for competitive teams that are wanting to showcase their talent.

Our Basketball Offerings

Basketball Academy in Gilbert

Basketball Skills Training

Basketball Clinic in Gilbert

Basketball Clinics

Custom Training

Custom Training

Basketball leagues in Gilbert

Basketball Leagues in Gilbert

Individual Shooting Sessions Gilbert

Individual Shooting Sessions

Basketball tournaments in Gilbert


Performance Training

Our training program focuses on the Five Pillars of Athletic Training.

Core / Foundation

Balance, Gait, and Posture are foundational components of a strong and well-developed athlete. Our training focuses on these areas to ensure our athletes minimize their risk for injury while preparing for advanced skill development.

Plyometric / Vertical

Our athletes increase their reactive and elastic strength by optimizing fast and slow twitch muscle fibers through plyometric activities selected by our team physicians. Our exercise program will help improve vertical jump and speed.

Strength / Power

Iron courts’ proprietary testing program utilizes modern technology to assess motion, strength, and power. This program informs our providers to help optimize our athletes’ explosiveness and force-producing capabilities.

Speed / Agility

Utilizing top-of-the-line technology, our athletes can increase their maximum spring speed, velocity, and ability to move and change directions. Personalized assessments allow our athletes to compare personal records with those of professional athletes.

Endurance Training

Aerobic endurance is pivotal to athletic performance. Our athletes participate in engaging workouts that take place both on and off the courts. After challenging exercises, athletes are encouraged to take advantage of our state-of-the-art recovery programs.


We have seven pickleball courts for open play. We have courts available Monday to Friday from 6am to 2pm and Sundays from 8am to 8pm for all skill levels. We also allow court rentals. We have Pickleball Only Memberships as well.

Sports Medicine and Recovery

At Iron Courts, we offer sports medicine evaluations concentrating on optimizing athletic performance while improving overall health, weight management, and quality of life. We also provide return to athletic performance testing and concussion testing. We are committed to getting you back to the things you love as quickly as possible. Our state-of-the-art recovery center offers services developed to mitigate injuries and improve muscle soreness, exercise habits, lactic acid breakdown, and flexibility.

Iron Courts also offers nutrition evaluations that focus on meeting your nutritional goals. We evaluate your overall diet, metabolic rate, and weight to get you in your best shape. Last, Iron Courts providers can perform sports and schools physicals for athletes of all ages.

IV Hydration, Gilbert, Arizona

IV Hydration

Cryotherapy, Gilbert, Arizona


Compression Therapy, Gilbert, Arizona

Compression Therapy

Percussion Therapy, Gilbert, Arizona

Stretching and Percussion

Electrical Stimulation / TENS, Gilbert, Arizona

Electrical Stimulation / TENS

Semaglutide Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Our Facility

Basketball facility in Gilbert
Training Facility in Gilbert
Training and Recovery in Gilbert

With state of the art medical and physical therapy equipment and years of sports medicine experience, the Iron Courts sports medicine staff understands the body’s healing and recovery process and what it takes to get your body operating at peak health. We have a recovery area for IV hydration and Cryotherapy. We have a treatment area for compression, percussion, stretching, and electrical stimulation. We have an evaluation room for sports medicine, sports physicals, and nutritional evaluations including weight loss management.

Come train, practice, and perform in our brand new hardwood facility. With 25k+ square feet of court space, the Iron Courts facility is ready to help you take your game to the next level. We also have a 1,500 square feet training area with the latest equipment for athletic training and testing.

Last, don’t forget to check out the Iron Courts Basketball League!

2 Full Size Basketball Courts

1 Youth Size Basketball Court

1 Training Court

8 Basketball Hoops

7 Pickleball Courts

Shootaway Gun 12K

What our members say

We love Iron Courts. We have 4 kids ages 12-7 and we love getting out of the heat and shooting around during open gym times. They have pickle ball set up and the kids enjoy playing that as well. The facility is beautiful and clean. The staff is friendly and welcoming. We do private lessons with Coach Diego and he has done an incredible job teaching the game of basketball to the kids. They love their time with him because he is engaging, encouraging and a great teacher. They have improved every week and it's been fun to see them using their new skills in games. We can't say enough about Iron Courts and feel lucky to have a facility like this in our community.
Danielle C.
Danielle C.
This is a great facility to play indoor pickle ball, indoor basketball, and it’s great for recovery! I got stretched by Josh and I have never felt looser! Their basketball trainers are very experienced and can take kids games to the next level! The best part though is that everyone at the front desk is super friendly and willing to help you regardless!
Coltan P.
Coltan P.
This place is great, always wanted something like this around when I was a kid.
Luke U.
Luke U.
Great place to play basketball and Pickleball
Michael W.
Michael W.
Great courts for 3 basketball games going at once. They sell snacks and drinks up front and there might be more in the back. The greeter should be more of a...
Tina M.
Tina M.
11yo and 10yo have taken multiple classes with Gabe - Performance training. It’s been a phenomenal experience. Gabe tailors the classes and trends/tracks their performances. My kids love it. early exposure to gym equipment and physical training in a safe and positive environment. Lots of new equipment and variation of exercises.
Loved this place. Friendly and extremely clean. Great members benefits. Clinic is a must go place. I would happy to recommend
Undraa A.
Undraa A.
This place is awesome! I love the concept!
Tim M.
Tim M.
Awesome staff and great atmosphere!! The basketball training goes beyond expectations. Coaches are positive role models and they encourage athletes of all ages. The sports recovery programs they offer is an additional in-house perk that gives clients needed relief to improve performance.
Anna C.
Anna C.
We had a great time with our 6 year olds first basketball experience! Love the facility and everyone there is always friendly. We will be back!
Amy S.
Amy S.
Just stopped to see my friends newest venture. I was totally impressed. While there I got a 30 minute leg stretch. And all I can say is wow. I had be using another Lab to get stretched but not any more.
Skeeter C.
Skeeter C.
Having some neck/upper back issues. Went to see Josh to do some stretching and kinesiology taping. Josh is so knowledgeable and did a fantastic job...
Wendy M.
Wendy M.
My son and his team had an amazing summer basketball season at Iron Courts. The facility was beautiful, clean and inviting. The owners were always welcoming and helpful. The games were well organized and the referees had a very positive attitude with the kids. We will definitely be back for more seasons with Iron Courts.
Kiernan R.
Kiernan R.
Fantastic facilities. Compared with any facility in the area - this one is by far the best. My kids can play in one facility on the same day with fantastic AC. No more running around to three gyms 45 min away from each other. As for the leagues- The coaches are incredibly dedicated - so much so that they have coached other teams when other coaches have been unable to coach or have been injured. They are dedicated to the kids. The recovery section also has incredibly affordable services from IV hydration to compression and stretching. For a brand new business - opened in June- this company has a very bright future.
Richard A.
Richard A.
We were absolutely blown away with our experience at Iron Courts. This was my son’s first time ever playing basketball and he grew so much! He played on a rec team and also attend some of the classes.I was extremely thankful that all the practices and games were in an air conditioned facility.I really appreciated that my son was exposed to club teams— they motivated him big time and give him an idea of what the future could hold for him.The facility was always clean, games were always on time, the refs were SO helpful during games, teaching the kiddos what to do.I love the ease of the app they use for scheduling and communication.I really can’t say enough good things about them!
Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
Great facilities, great uniforms, a great season, and great coaching! Especially loved the post-game huddle where coach would go over each player’s wins and where they can improve next game. Best team sports experience yet! Thank you!
Debi H.
Debi H.
So impressed by our season with Iron Courts! We’ve played for a few other leagues and this was by far our best experience. It was the perfect balance of healthy competition and super supportive coaching. The facility is beautiful and we look forward to trying more of the camps and skills clinics next season. We will absolutely be back!
Amy G.
Amy G.
Went in for an Immune Myers IV with RN Stefanie, and man was it an awesome experience!! This is a new, Christian-owned and operated establishment in...
Hooi Chin N.
Hooi Chin N.
Super lindas instalaciones, bellas las canchaa de basket. Perfecto para entrenar
Lillianne O.
Lillianne O.
The facility is extremely clean, nice equipment, friendly staff, and they are accommodating to all of their customers, not just members. I came here on Father's Day with my son and they were nice enough to lower one of the hoops for him to be able to shoot around. I have come here numerous times and have had a great experience with each visit.The membership pricing is a tad bit high in my opinion ($70/month for an individual membership) but they have affordable day-use pricing that's available (currently $10 for the open gym day pass, you can leave & return throughout the day). Overall, this is a great facility! AZ needs more places like this.
Wyatt F.
Wyatt F.
We love this place! My son attended summer camp last week and we were very impressed. Special shout-out to Coach Kyrie for all the one one one help and encouragement he gave my son. We have been attending open gym almost every day since and have the best time. Awesome facility and staff.
Rachel G.
Rachel G.
My group of 6 had a really good time playing pickleball at Iron Courts. The nets were solid and they were very accommodating. The place is brand new and super clean.We will definitely go back. Thanks Albert!!!
Lenore D.
Lenore D.
Bhumika P.
Bhumika P.
I have found all the Iron Courts staff extremely friendly and great to work with. They provide a wide range of recovery services. Also been enjoying the pickleball courts.
Terry R.
Terry R.
Woohoo! So glad to see a place like that close by in Gilbert! Beautiful brand new and well kept basketball courts, clean facilities and plenty of space for...
Louise S.
Louise S.
Amazing facility. 3 indoor full court basketball courts and an impressive training facility. Love seeing places like this pop up in the east valley.
Sam P.
Sam P.
Got Cryotherapy and IV hydration in one setting. Cool place.
Albert A.
Albert A.
When I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum during my pregnancy, I could not afford spending hundreds of dollars every week to get IV fluids with the...
Gabrielle M.
Gabrielle M.
Everything under one roof. Basketball Training, Basketball Games/Courts, and sports recovery (hydration, cryotherapy, stretching, compression). This place...
Daniel J.
Daniel J.