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Athletic Performance Testing

Iron Courts has developed a comprehensive performance testing program for athletes of all ages. We bring professional testing to the amateur athlete. Using the latest technology, our testing provides our athletes with the ability to see how they compare to their competition and where they can focus their training to improve their limitations.

Our testing evaluates the Five Pillars of Athletic Training. Our testing evaluates these areas to make sure there are no deficits or areas prone to injury. We also have concussion testing and return to sport testing. These series of tests can assess an athlete’s ability to return to sport following injury or head concussion.

Our testing also provides all athletes and parents with the ability to see how they compare to their age level and competition. This is the best way to learn how to focus your training and define opportunities for physical development.

Baseline and Repetitive Testing

Testing is a great way to track your progress. We offer testing multiple times a week. It takes 30 minutes to perform the test and to review your results with a certified personal trainer. We cover areas in core, plyometrics/vertical, speed/agility, strength/power, and endurance. We also are able to formulate training programs to improve areas and to compare with similar athletes. There are also savings for biannual and quarterly testing. Having a baseline test allows an athlete to concentrate their future training on areas of weakness and areas prone to injury. In addition, an athlete sees their areas of strength that could set them apart from other athletes and to stand out in the future. Repetitive testing can help encourage an athlete as they can see their progress. Young athletes grow and change so rapidly that repetitive testing keeps all the information up to date.


Iron Courts Athletic Performance Test
D1 Plan – Two tests a year
Pro Plan – Four tests a year

Sports Performance Training

Our Sports Performance Training Program utilizes the Five Pillars of Athletic Training. We focus on building dynamic stability and a strong core to improve overall power and strength. Using 3D resistance training, we are able to increase strength in movements used specifically in basketball and athletes. We focus on speed and agility training and endurance training. We utilize fundamental movement skills and sport specific skills to develop athleticism, increase speed, strength, and reduce injuries and increase stamina.

Elite Performance Training

Our Elite Performance Training Class gives athletes of all ages entry access to an elite level sports performance training program. We start by teaching the fundamentals. We focus on fundamental movement skills and sports specific skills that will increase your vertical, strength and explosiveness. We have specific training techniques to help reduce an athlete’s risk of injury. Our classes are done in small group environments which allows for positive competition but also individual coaching to make sure all sessions are productive and injury free.

Speed and Agility
Athletes need to be quick on their feet and even quicker to react. Agility training will help athletes at any level of fitness and experience develop a quicker first step and improved reactions.
Vertical Jump / Plyometrics
We increase reactive and elastic strength by performing “fast” and “slow” plyometric activities. This will lead to improvements in vertical jumping and speed.
Proteus Training

The only way to measure strength and power for every movement. Using 3D resistance technology, Proteus can train power and acceleration. It is safer, more efficient, and more effective than traditional resistance training tools. An entirely new standard for personalized fitness and physical rehabilitation. The Proteus System is able to train an athlete in strength, power, and acceleration. It is safer, faster, and more effective than traditional resistance training tools. 


It provides two times the neuromuscular stimulation compared to cables and free weights. It strengthens the entire movement pattern for maximum efficiency. It performs two exercises in the time of one with concentric resistance in both directions during every repetition. 


The heightened engagement of muscles prompts users to produce force from the ground up and naturally adjust to discover their optimal movement patterns. It also adapts itself to your movements. When you stop, it stops. The unique resistance system has a low impact on joints and tissues. 

Basketball Training

Iron Courts Basketball Training provides the best in basketball skill development and character education for athletes. We strive to provide a better way to improve skill development while incorporating our Three Core Values of Fundamentals, Basketball IQ, and Character. When teaching fundamentals, we focus on shooting form, dribbling, defense, and finishing. Our basketball IQ focuses on the mental, attitude, creativity, and toughness part of the game. Character focuses on the intangibles, body language, leadership, coachability, grit, and self evaluation.

Currently, most players spend more time in competitive tournaments and games than they do with training. While competitive games and tournaments have value, if it becomes the main source of developmental growth, it becomes limited, especially for younger players.

Basketball for Beginners
Come join our Basketball for Beginners class for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and 1st graders (3-6 years of age) learning the basics and fundamentals of basketball. This training class will introduce and teach your kids proper dribbling techniques, the triple-threat, the rules of the game, and most importantly, how to have fun and play the game with confidence and a positive attitude. The Basketball for Beginners class uses a youth 27.5” basketball.
Academy (Rookie)

The Rookie Academy is intended for 2nd and 3rd graders (typically 7-9 years of age) or athletes 7+ that are just starting their basketball career. The Rookie Academy class uses a youth 27.5” basketball. 

Academy (Developmental)

The Intermediate Academy is for 4th and 5th graders (typically 10-12 years of age) or athletes that have a few years of experience. The Intermediate Academy class uses a 28.5” basketball. 

Proteus Training
The Intermediate Academy is for 4th and 5th graders (typically 10-12 years of age) or athletes that have a few years of experience. The Intermediate Academy class uses a 28.5” basketball.
Academy (Pro)
The Pro Academy is for 6th graders and up (typically 13+ years of age) or athletes with multiple years of experience. The Pro Academy class uses an adult 29.5” basketball.

Clinics / Group Training

Our group training sessions provide smaller group, instructor-led sessions with up to 10 athletes max. With small coach-to-athlete ratios, these focused training sessions allow for greater interaction and more attention to detail. Each clinic focuses on an area of skill development such as dribbling, shooting and finishing, footwork and position specific drills.
In our Dribbling group training session our coaches focus on both core foundational dribbling drills as well as advanced dribbling techniques to expand your athlete’s game and get them out of their comfort zone. Dribbling is synonymous with basketball and every athlete in today’s game is expected to dribble with confidence and handle the ball under pressure.
Learn proper form, spacing techniques to get your shot off, and shooting drills to take your scoring ability to the next level! Learn how to finish and score the basketball around the rim with confidence in our Shooting and Finishing group training sessions!
Advanced Concepts
In our Advanced Concepts group training sessions, increase your basketball IQ as our coaches teach when and how to attack a defensive player. Learn combination attacks off the dribble, defense manipulation techniques, transition and fast break concepts and more! The Advanced Concepts group training sessions are age specific and tailor made for the athletes that want to expand their game beyond that of traditional training classes.
Guard / Wing / Post position specific classes
In today’s game, athletes need to be well rounded and capable of performing at any position. Understanding position specific fundamentals and being able to play more than one position will increase your value to the team and understanding of the game. Footwork is key for guard and wing play as well as interior post positioning. Become a member today and sign up for one of our position-specific classes.

Individual Shooting Session (With Shoot-A-Way’s The Gun 12K)

Maximize your training time with The Gun 12K by Shoot-A-Way. With over 200 programmable locations, you can touch ANY spot on the floor to shoot from. Fire up to 1000 shots in 30 minutes. It will track 2’s, 3’s, and free throws within the same workout. It forces athletes to shoot with the right amount of arch from each shooting spot. Increasing a player’s arch to 45 degrees which nets a 44% increase in target size.

Custom Training

Want a more personal and focused level of training? Work directly with an Iron Courts trainer to maximize your time in the gym. Our Iron Courts trainers will evaluate a player’s ability and provide a series of workouts tailored to the skillset and areas of recommended growth for the athlete.
Assessment and individualized program building (Performance)
Custom training sessions are available for Iron Courts Members with one of our experienced trainers throughout the week. Work on strength, plyometrics, speed, or Proteus 3D Motion training. A customized individualized training program can be built for the athlete to focus on desired areas or areas of weakness.
1-on-1 Basketball Training
Custom training sessions are available for Iron Courts Members with one of our experienced trainers throughout the week. Work on ball handling, shooting, form, finishing, and more based on your desired areas of improvement.

Court Rentals

Basketball court rentals are available to Iron Courts members on a first come, first served basis. Schedule court time for 30 mins or an hour for individual workouts or team practices. Optional shooting gun available for rent for an additional setup fee.

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