Athletic Performance or NBA Combine Testing

Iron Courts has developed a comprehensive performance testing program for athletes of all ages. We bring professional testing to the amateur athlete. Using the latest technology, our testing provides our athletes with the ability to see how they compare to their competition and where they can focus their training to improve their limitations.

Iron Courts was created to encourage and develop athletes to compete at the highest level of their sport by providing first-class training, the latest in sports medicine, and high-class facilities at which to Train, Recover, and Perform. Visit Iron Courts to find out more about our Athletic Performance Testing, as well as the full range of services we offer!

Our testing evaluates the Five Pillars of Athletic Training. Our testing evaluates these areas to make sure there are no deficits or areas prone to injury. We also have concussion testing and return to sport testing. These series of tests can assess an athlete’s ability to return to sport following injury or head concussion. Our testing also provides all athletes and parents with the ability to see how they compare to their age level and competition. This is the best way to learn how to focus your training and define opportunities for physical development.

Athletic Performance Testing

Testing is a great way to track your progress. We offer testing multiple times a week. It takes 30 minutes to perform the test and to review your results with a certified personal trainer. We cover areas in core, plyometrics/vertical, speed/agility, strength/power, and endurance. We also are able to formulate training programs to improve areas and to compare with similar athletes. There are also savings for biannual and quarterly testing. Having a baseline test allows an athlete to concentrate their future training on areas of weakness and areas prone to injury. In addition, an athlete sees their areas of strength that could set them apart from other athletes and to stand out in the future. Repetitive testing can help encourage an athlete as they can see their progress. Young athletes grow and change so rapidly that repetitive testing keeps all the information up to date. We also have NBA Combine Testing for serious basketball athletes.


Athletic Performance Test





D1 Plan – Two tests a year





Pro Plan – Four tests a year





NBA Combine Testing

The All-N Combine consists of a series of tests that grades your IQ, Athletic Skills, and Shooting Skills, as well as a series of “Off The Court” physical assessments.


NBA Combine Testing Price